arya samaj RAISETHORPE

At a historic meeting in 1935, the Raisethorpe Vedic Society, precursor to the Raisethorpe Arya Samaj, was established with the aim of promoting the Hindi language, Vedic religion and culture.  As the more urgent need was that of an English medium school, a wattle and daub structure was built on a donated parcel of land in 1940. 8 April 1943 will always be a memorable day for the Samaj as one of the community’s outstanding benefactors, T. Baijoo, announced he would build Raisethorpe’s first school at his expense. The T. Baijoo Government Aided School opened its doors in July 1945. The influx of people into the area and increase in the population placed a strain on the limited number of classrooms. Again Messrs T. Baijoo and KP. Maharaj came to the aid of the school and more classrooms were built. The equipmenwas donated by Messrs T. Baijoo and A. E. Maney. The story of the building of the school and additions is an inspirational one and an example of philanthropy of the noblest kind.

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