Arya Sandesh (Jan 13 -19, 2014)

Dear Aryajan,
Arya Sandesh is a weekly official magazine of Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha. Sabha has been releasing this magazine for more than 37 years now. The first edition of this magazine was released in Nov. 1977.Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha has released their weekly newsletter, Arya Sandesh for the week of jan 13 – 19, 2014.

Highlights this week.

  • Guru Virjanand Sanskritkulam: A joint plan from Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha and Arsh Sathiyta Prachar Trust (1,7)
  • Inauguration of Guru Virjanand Snskritkulm (1)
  • Ved Swadhyay – Swami Devvrat Saraswati (2)
  • Arya bhajans as your mobile caller tunes (2)
  • Gurukul educational system Vs public school educational system (3,6)
  • 87th Martyr’s Day of Amar Hutatma Swami Shradanand at Gurukul Kangari (4,5)
  • Increased production at Gurukul Pharmacy, Gurukul Kangri (5)
  • Another wedding from 5th Arya Vaivahik Parichay Sammelan, New Delhi (5)
  • Miscellaneous news (7,8)

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Best regards,
Vinay Arya,
General Secretory, Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha

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