aryan community in the NETHERLANDS

First Arya Samaj Organisation in The Netherlands in The Hague:  Arya Samaj Nederland Den Haag (Asan-Den Haag) The number of Hindus living in the Netherlands varies in the between 90 000 to 215 000. It is estimated that maybe 25% to 35% of this figure belong to the Arya Samaj community. The association Arya Samaj Netherlands (rural) was established in the clubhouse “Hearth” of the Surinamese Youth Association “Manan” in The Hague on February 11, 1968.  On this day, the board of Manan commemorated the birthday of Swami Dayanand and invited 200 guests, including members of Pauranische Sanatan Dharm, Arya Samajis and Muslims. The festive inauguration was done by Pandit R.D. Oedairaysingh Varma. The first interim president was Mrs. Balabrega Sannyasin. Unfortunately she died during a short trip to India. Since 1968, ASAN has grown and is now planning to build his own Mandir. ASAN and the city council of The Hague have a basic agreement for the new construction. The stone laying ceremony is scheduled for 2014.

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