dharmic SHRENI

(Religious Class)
The task of training Vedic Priests presently is presently undertaken by Dr. B. Rambilass and a team of senior priests and academics who have passed the six module examinations. The syllabus covers Vedic principles based on the Vedic fundamentals, performance of yajnas with Prarthna as one aspect, and correct pronunciation of the Vedic Mantras. The examination has three sections, viz. Vedic principles, chanting of Vedic mantras and practical knowledge of the performance of the yajnas and sanskars. Website  The website carries issues of the Veda Jyoti and other Vedic Literature. Information on Hindu Dharma is now available right in one’s home, for one’s education and enlightenment. Yajaks and Yajikas A novel plan to train lay preachers who are not yet fully fledged priests led to the establishment of the Yajak / Yajika programme. To date, some 154 people from all walks of life have passed the prescribed exams for this programme and are entitled to wear the saffron sash and propagate our Dharma. An important duty of every Priest / Yajak is to set the torch of Hinduism alight and check the unscrupulous acts of conversion to other faiths. The Purohits and Yajaks of the Mandal are looked upon as custodians of the Vedic Culture.

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