The Vedas are a nature-based value and belief system. We have to produce simple translations that are user friendly. We have a  tremendous repository of knowledge not just on spirituality, but the arts, sciences and economics. Modern technology has to be used to disseminate these systems of knowledge. We have to infuse our ethos with a new dynamism. This will then take us to the ultimate  realisation that we are an integral part of a wonderful creation. The Vedas teach a love and respect for the earth, every drop of water, every grain of sand, the leaf, herb and tree, the bird and beast and the realisation that we are a vital part of a beautiful world and ensure that we live in harmony with it. We need to declare the Vedic injunction of ‘satyam _tam’ – we are all subject to the laws of the universe and any violation of it will  lead to our own self-destruction.

This three-day conference – Vishwa Veda Sammelan – has as its theme – Vishwa ke liye Veda – the Universal Message of the Vedas. We are being ambitious in trying to address the issues listed. The Conference sessions include a number of topical issues like sexual orientation, organ donations vis-a-vis organ and human trafficking etc. We don’t have any misgivings about the sensitivities around these issues and therefore give no assurances that these issues will be resolved during this Conference. What we are doing is facilitating the start of a dialogue, which will help us arrive at solutions collectively.

May we be blessed in all we have undertaken. May the Arya Samaj grow in strength, commitment and a renewed dedication. May this Conference rekindle in us the spirit that our founding father, Swami Dayanand, sought to instill in every human being, KRNVANTO VIS

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