Europe in confusion over God

By the way, almost the whole of Europe is a follower of Jesus, but sometime back amidst the debate on the long-standing equality in the Church of England, the first female pastor sitting in the House of Lords of Britain Parliament Reshal Travić said that ” Church of England ”should stop using the word ‘male gender’ for God! In his address, Reshal Trivek also said that God has no gender. Therefore, it cannot be addressed with pronouns like feminine, masculine. Let me tell you that Reshal is the top female priest in the Church of England. By the way, earlier there used to be no female pastor in the world but now in the last few years, it has started to happen.

Also, Reshal Triveek had very humbly told that when everyone says that God has made us like him and if he has made us like himself then why we perceive him as a man? God is only God; he cannot be seen as a man or a woman. Many other women priests also supported her saying that God is beyond gender, that is, God cannot be portrayed as male or female.

The whole world is living in a lot of confusion about God. And in most of the world, they have been worshipping fake God or we can say that they have been made venerated! Now in the Christian society, sometimes Jesus is called the son of God or even God and sometimes the one who is doing away the suffering of people of the whole world. However, after the address of Reshal Trivek, the holy book Bible of Christians will surely be seen from the eyes of doubt. Because Jesus is God and Issah is his son then would be surely either male or female.

According to the Bible, God created the entire universe in 6 days and on the seventh day he rested and that day was Sunday. Now the question is that the person who will take rest must have a body and the body must also have had a gender, that is, it must have been a man or woman. The second one is that if He can create this world in 6 days means building such a huge universe in only 6 days, then why does it take 9 months to build a child, it must be born in a few seconds! With this, the Bible proves to be a book full of untrue or entertaining stories? And, Rashal Travik must understand this first.

The same is the case with Quran-e-Sharif. In the Quran, it is told that Allah has created Adam with both his hands. Now if he created man with both hands, then he must have been either male or female! Because hands are not possible without a body, where there will be a body there will be surely a gender. It means surely Allah must have been either a man or a woman. Does this prove that this book too can be just a collection of fictitious stories like the bible?

Now, what is God? What is his gender? Is it a woman or a man? Answering all these questions, Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji says in the second law of the Arya Samaj that He is present in every particle, He is formless, He is ubiquitous, He is the beginning, He is infinite and the unborn- He is God.

At the end of the fortieth chapter of the Yajurveda, the essence of the mantra is, “Vedas are the preaching of God to all human, O human! Whoever I am here, I am in the sun and other realms too. There is no one bigger than me, like the universal and complete sky exist everywhere, ‘I am the greatest, I am the youngest, my name is OM, I do not have anybody or body form, so remove the ignorance, enlighten the soul and be a good deed human being.

Now those who are living in doubt by considering God as man or woman, they should know one more thing that there is no gender of soul and God, Vedas have even told man that neither you are a male, nor are you a female, it is just this outer structure which is a man or a woman, otherwise the soul itself is neither a male nor a female. And, God cannot be associated with the body. Therefore, Reshal Trivek Ji, whatever you have asked and said has already been told by our sages millions of years ago that God is the name of a system which is infinite to subtle and vast to vast. Hence, it is requested to Reshal Travik to completely clear the doubts of herself and the people by returning to Vedas and knowing the true God.

-Dharampal arya

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