Hindi Shiksha Sangh

Swami Bhawani Dayal travelled from town to town setting up satsang groups and Hindi Paatshalas, Hindi Pracharni Sabhas and bodies with like names. With the arrival of Pandit Nardev Vedalankar, the Hindi Shiksha Sangh was established in 1948 at a conference of the
APS. Panditji served as its chairperson for a number of years. He served the Sangh for a total of 27 years.

The Hindi Shiksha Sangh was housed at the APS headquarters until the present edifice was built, the major donor being Mr. K.  attundeen. The Hindi Shiksha Sangh remains the national body in South Africa for the promotion and propagation of Hindi and has grown to such an extent that  it has now become an institution in its own right and functions independently. An increasingly popular community Radio Station, Hindvani, operated by the Sangh, provides a much needed service to the community.

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