Homosexuality a Crime- Save Mankind from AIDS

a. HIV prevalence in India is 0.2%. Among gays, it is more than 7%. Assuming everyone in India turns gay, given encouragement by law and then we will have more HIV patients than diabetics. And I need not tell that AIDS is most dangerous disease known to human kind. I am talking about Government records. Refer
b. MSM (Male sex with male) increases chance of HIV spread several times. Refer CMDT and Harrison text on Medicines.
c. Monogamy is non-existent in homosexuals. As per whatever studies we know, most homosexuals change partners more frequently than many people change shoes. So they spread HIV like anything.
d. Almost 50% of homosexuals are actually bisexuals. Thus they become more dangerous HIV carriers.
e. The Article 377 does not victimize homosexuals. It simply says that any unnatural carnal act with any man, woman or animal is punishable. I agree the law should be changed. It should be reworded to mean ” Any carnal act with any man, woman or animal that increases risk of spread of HIV is punishable.”
f. I don’t care what 2 people do in privy of their rooms. I don’t care if certain people have preference for penetration in a part of body that was designed to expel shit, and is so dirty that people wash hands with soap after excretion. While I can prove that it is indeed stupidity, but in a world where a huge variety of stupidities are encouraged in name of ‘freedom’, one can argue that an exception should not be made for this as well. So I have no issues with personal lives and acts of people.
But I have concerns if certain people breed the most dangerous disease known to humanity. And unfortunately such acts of unnatural sex are greatest breeders of AIDS.
In Delhi, if I keep water stored in cooler for long and that breeds mosquitoes, I am fined because of threat of dengue. If I make bombs and guns and explode in my own home, I will be arrested. If I kill my friend after his written consent, I will still be charged with murder. In same vein, until a vaccination for AIDS is discovered, there should be heavy fine for anyone who breeds AIDS directly or indirectly.
Just as we all unite to fight against dengue or terrorism; just as we allow punishments if someone builds guns and firearms without permission, in same vein, we should unite to fight against spread of AIDS.
I cannot but admire the ancient law-keepers who made such a fantastic law with such foresight to prevent AIDS. And the moment we got into having sex with monkeys and same gender, look at the mess we have brought in.
Let’s unite to fight against AIDS.

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