Inauguration of Tomb of Humayun – Another feather in the cap of Muslim appeasement

Our Prime Minister of country is going to inaugurate Refurnished Tomb of Humayun’s situated in national capital Delhi. This tomb is refurnished by Aga khan Trust. For many years Humayun’s tomb was an attractive centre for drug addicts and unsocial elements passing their times in night and only after USA president Obama visit this deserted place was reminded by Indians.  Any monument in the country is erected or preserved or maintained to remember the legacy of the person associated with it. Most of Indians are unaware of personal knowledge of Humayun’s apart from that he was son of first Mughals ruler Baber and fathered Akbar.

Let us know about the legacy (?) of Humayun’s whose tomb is being inaugurated by prime minister of India.

Ghiyasuddin alias Khendamir, the author of Humayun Nama tells us that Humayun had allotted “Mondays and Wednesdays for pleasure parties and on these days some of his old companions were convened, a band of musicians and singers was called, and all their wishes were satisfied…Monday is the day of the Moon and Wednesday of Mercury; and it was therefore reasonable that on these days, he should keep company with young men beautiful as the moon.” Obviously, like his father Babur, Humayun too was a drunk yard, sodomite.

Humayun was an incapable ruler, even Muslim writers who hardly portraits negative about their bread giver confirms this fact.

Haidar Mirza Deglat, another chronicler, author of the Tarikh-i- Rashidi gives “a vivid picture of the disorder and incapacity which marked the early reign of Humayun.” (Pg. 128, Elliot & Dowson)

We shall find that Humayun, though a prince of lively parts and elegant accomplishments and brave on the whole of a humane temper, was volatile, fond of pleasure, and deficient on those enlarge views so necessary for conducting affairs of an extensive empire, as well as in that decision and spirit of command, without which no prince can secure the respect and confidence of his subjects.
(Reference- A history of India, under the two first sovereigns of the house of Taimur, Baber and Humayun vol-ii by Erskine William Page 5)

After reading these evidences how many readers thinks that why are we being gifted with tombs of such inefficient persons or failed rulers while our legends Lord Rama and Lord Krishna monuments are FAR FROM REALITY in secular state of India?


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