International Arya Mahasammelan 2013

“Arya samaj and its responsibility in the present era” : World Vedic Conference 2013, Durban Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s vision of a just equitable has put us firmly on the path of social welfare and all Arya samaj organizations globally must reaffirm their ommitment to working towards this object via manifold social activism programs that work in Unisom with each other internationally so that the

Arya samaj makes a contemporarily global impact.” This confession was made on 1st World Vedic Conference 2013 that held in Durban, South Africa. Where the conference afforded an opportunity for Arya Samaj bodies, Vedic scholar and other international delegates to deliberate on issues affecting society, social upliftment and enhancement and to explore practical solution based on

the Vedas.

In this conference, Delegates from India, Mauritius, Holand, Kenya, USA, Canada, Uganda and England took part. From India more that 125 delegates took part including Saints, Vedic Philosopher and famous dignitaries participated in this conference. During conference march and different sessions were organized. For Alcoholic, Narcotic anonymous ; SAPS and the advice desk taken up stalls to create awareness and easy access for the people to these important social services. The communal Hawan was broadcasted live on Radio Hindvani. The conference session on Science in Vedas was done by the youth-students of KZN University from the department of Engineering. It consisted the comparisons between modern science as it has evolved and been taught with that of science found in Vedas and its supplementary text. Every paper was done to a power point presentation which helped the audience to

understand the key points. It was refreshing to see the effective use of modern technology in the Vedic Conference. Vedas are the primary scriptures or cornerstones from which later ‘religious beliefs’, within the broad umbrella of Hinduism, had their beginnings.

The march organized against Abuse of women and children was a huge success. More than 1000people participated in this march and it was carried out through the heart of Phoenix. This march was followed ny the Hindu Unity campaign Leaders of several Hindu organisations addressed the delegates. Some of the institutions represented were South Africa Hindu Mahasabha, Rama Krishan Centre, Divine Life Society, Sai Organisation, Tamil Federation, Chinmaya mission, Sarva Dharma Ashram and Iskon. These

organization also displayed simple material- Literature; CD’s, Pamphlets and the books on Hinduism. On the Issue of Euthanasia and Organ transplantation key resolution were adopted. The conference agreed to promote organ transplantation where it is done voluntarily as an act of compassion towards fellow human being. The conference denounced Human and organ trafficking for profit as horrible atrocities. On theSexual Orientation, it was expressed that religions were reluctant to discuss the issues of sex and various ways in which this becames manifest. The definition and rationalizing principals of  the notion of ‘marriage’ be re examined and board analytical dialogue be initiated with all role players including homosexuals to establish what would be meaningful values and ideals in such relationships . The performance of sixteen sanskars must be encouraged.

It was also resolved to an International Aryan forum to act primarily in an advisory capacity to existing Arya Samaj organisations to foster unity and promote the growth.Arya samaj organizations around the world must work with progressive organizations sharing same values and ideals including sister hindu

organisations .Aryasamaj globally work to impose a ban on the access to open pornography.

The conference expressed great concern that there is a general breakdown today in all our family and cultural values and confessed to fight against it. This discussion should not be viewed as a further promotion of such a breakdown but rather the willingness of religions to engage in discussion and

reach amicable solution that will help every human being lead an improved quality of life. The world Vedic Conference was a great success and the delegates were impressed with the high standards and hospitality of the Organization. Singapore will be the next host country for next such conference.

:-Rahul Arya

Media Manager

Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha,

15, Hanuman Road, New Delhi

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