Rise to the Challenge

It is difficult for some of us to resist the temptation to engage in a surgical dissection of the Arya Samaj and to offer a clinical analysis of the ulcers and cancers that plague the Samaj both in India and abroad. This is selfdestructive and is not positive or constructive.
It does little for motivating the members of the Samaj, disillusions our youth and destroys in each of us the dynamism, daring and pioneering selfless spirit that has defined the Arya Samaj and its members  from its inception. All religious organisations have to be aware of the current trends and challenges in their fields, viz. declining num-

bers at satsangs, youth who are more questioning of existing religious practices, the demands of the ‘rat race’ with little time for ‘other pursuits’, rampant consumerism, increasing conversions to other faiths, the erosion of time-honoured family values etc. The history

of the Arya Samaj shows that it is equal to the challenges of  the day and always rises to the occasion.

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