Rohith Vemula: Activist or Puppet

National media channels are running news of suicide by Rohith Vemula to pump adrenaline in their TRP rating. Politician from different parties are busy flying Hyderabad to show sympathy with the family of Rohith Vemula and as expected to secure Dalit votes. Secularist scholars of our country are busy writing blogs, articles and editorials to prove that Rohith Vemula was killed by Right wing Politics. But very few concentrated on educational carrier and activities of Rohith before his suicide.
I personally visited his facebook profile.
I found Rohith posts related to these Topics.
1. Rohith was protesting against ABVP for preventing screening of Film “Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hain”.
2. He was active in celebrating Manu Smriti Dahan Divas (Burning Day)
3. He was active in celebrating Babri Masjid demolition day along with Muslims in Campus.
4. He was active in organizing Beef festival in campus.
5. He was seen cheering Owaisi of AIMIM on intolerance issue.
6. He was seen cheering Muslim spokesperson on support to Tipu Sultan
7. Last but not the least he was foremost in speaking against hanging of Yakub Menon (This is not on FB but in News)
There was no Post on any education related activity on the wall of Rohith.
After reading this anyone can easily reach this interpretation that he was pro-Ambedkarite, pro-Muslims, anti-Hindus and against all system and traditions of our country.
Speaking against caste-system is not wrong. Even I am against it. But the motive should be well defined. My motive against caste system is to eradicate the evil and unite Hindus. Consider everyone as equal and son of almighty God.
1. The motive of Pro-Ambedkarite seems to spit venom against all higher caste Hindus (Even if they are not following caste system). This mentality only divides never unites any society.
2. Speaking against Manu Smriti (Even after this fact is established that Manu Smriti was adulterated with verses supporting caste system in the middle ages. This was done by ignorant class of people. Still people with vested interests are trying milking the barren cow again and again without any success.)
3. Support Muslims appeasement politics (Even by ignoring the Views of Dr Ambedkar in Islam. Read Dr. Ambedkar views on Islam in his book on Pakistan. Dr Ambedkar was offered millions to convert to Islam. He rejected all such offers considering Islam as foreign and impractical in approach. His followers just follow opposite to him. They team-up with Muslims and try to show that they are near to Islam than Hinduism. While it’s my personal opinion that they must collaborate with those Hindus who are against Caste system)
4. Organize Beef festivals to hurt Hindu sentiments. (A step to promote disunity and hatred in society. It’s common sense. Will dalits like to organize Pork Festival in front of Muslim students in University campus?)
5. Support fanatics like Tipu Sultan (Ignoring the fact that he ruined villages after villages of Hindus even belonging to dalits. No lesson learned from history.)
6. Support to movie on Muzaffarnagar (It came as a surprise to me as this man completely ignored the ground reality. This movie depicts Hindus as rioters and Muslims as victims. The ground reality is that in the Muzaffarnagar riot Muslim devastate Dalits from many Villages and the proclaimed savior of dalits in UP ex CM Mayawati did not come for any help. The reason being the main accused among rioters was related to her prestigious party BSP. How come this man ignored such Hard Fact?)
7. Support to Yakub Menon is silliest mistake. Menon was killer of innocent Indians in Mumbai. How come any one supports such anti national terrorist? This is quite mean and unworthy. No wise person will ever support such wrong act. One question always comes in my Mind. Will anyone among these Human Right activists dare to come forward if instead of Yakub Menon any person with Hindu Origin would have been hanged? Answer is a big “No”. This double standard criterion is quite prevalent in our secular country in name of Activism.
In short I consider this Activism as Anti-nation, Anti-humanity, Anti-cultural and Anti-social.
I have no second opinion to consider that these persons are puppets in the hands of Anti National forces.
(The author views are personal and its motive is not to hurt the sentiments of anyone living of dead but to propagate what is Truth and only Truth!)

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