Satyartha Prakash

During the Middle Ages of Indian history, many faiths and sects sprang up in religious and social spheres of Hindu society. They drifted away from the teachings of the Vedas and attached greater significance to their founders and their preachings. From then onwards polytheism commenced. Great differences developed among the different sects and divided and weakened Hindu society. The caste system based on birth became strong and gave rise to further fragmentation. Superstition, ignorance and blind faith spread and caused the degradation of the Hindu religion and society.

It was at this time that Swami Dayanand wrote the Satyarth Prakash in order to spread the knowledge of the Vedas and to educate people on the true qualities of God. The Satyarth Prakash contains exposition and clarifications of Vedic principles. Some of the important topics in the Satyarth Prakash are worship of one God, explanation of the main principles of the Vedas, the relationship between religion and science and between devotion and intellect, elimination of the caste system and of different religious beliefs for the strengthening of society, eradication of superstitions, false notions and meaningless customs, shunning narrow-mindedness and promoting the brotherhood of man.

Satyartha Prakash is the renowned book of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. It has been described by the people like “Revolutionary” “Eternal” “Undying” & Universal”. The revolutionists of Indian freedom were inspired with this book like they described it as “Chauda goli ka Pistol” (The pistol of 14 bullets). Renowned professor of chemistry Pt. Gurudutta Vidyaarthi read this book 18 times and told that each time I read this magical book, I found something new every time.

So what is different written in this book that changed the life of millions, that inspired thousands to become the leader of their time, that given a thought to laymen to philosophers, that given a power to stand and fight. Nothing different but one thing which makes a difference that is “THE TRUTH”

Maharishi Dayanand showed the light of truth through this ultimate manuscript and therefore titled it as “Satyarth Prakash”. It’s the truth about God, truth about life, truth about religion, truth about Nature, truth about birth & truth about the popular FAITHs. The specialty of this truth is the logic. Every line and that Maharishi Dayanand wrote in the Satyartha Prakash is proved by the Vedas, Shastras, Nirukta & other reference books of great Rishis. The art of writing is so great that he has not left any scope of doubt and all possible assumptions & presumption are satisfied through a question answer technique in the book.

Maharishi Dayanand was a master scholar of Vedas as well he was having an in depth knowledge of all other faiths. In this reference he concluded the different aspect of human life upon the Vedas & made a comparison of those aspects with the beliefs of different faiths and presented a logical concept in shape of “Satyarth Prakash”

Now its upon us that how we take the truth and accept the logic

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