Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the great reformer of Indian society

        In the 19th century, when the whole of India accepted the British rule as its fate and Instead of thinking to break the chains of their slavery, Indians accepted them as an ornament. The slavery in Political and mental had been embedded in the minds of people so deeply that talk of freedom also seemed to be like a dream. The country and society had been polluted by the evil practices of Sati, caste system, child marriage, vailing practice, idol worship, untouchability, and polytheism, etc., due to such odds, religion was becoming narrow. Christianity and Islam were at their peak.

 Although the Mughal rule from India had ended at the political level it was still dominated at the social level. Urdu and the Arabic language were prevalent and people were becoming ignorant towards Vedic Hindu religion. People were left with no interest in their own culture. The Britishers on the country, hypocrisy on the religion were dominating and the entire society was imprisoned in the disguise of an anomaly.

 At the same time, a child was born at the place known as- Tinkara in Gujarat in February 1824, named as Mulshankar. Later he was known as Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati to the whole world. He taught this society to live, the society that was surrendering to the challenges and was accepting religious and political slavery.

 The unequal treatment and discrimination on the basis of caste, the creed was the reason for the slavery of hundreds of years. People were nowhere looking forward to giving it up.  At that time, the merciful Dev Dayanand Ji Maharaj explained to the masses that the feeling of untouchability or behavior is a crime which is contrary to the principles of Vedas. Whilst hurting many evils and superstitions based on religion and caste, Swamiji defied the practices of hypocrites, guardians of discrepancies. He told them that who behaves like Brahmin with his work and behavior is the best, not the one on the basis of any caste by birth.

 The challenge of Swami Ji has raised the consciousness of society. Swamiji shook up the throne of Britishers by talking about political reforms with religious reforms. When the British Empress was giving Indians the sobbing of slavery by saying that we would take care of Indians as our children, then Swamiji had said that the king should be born from the soil of our country, whose roots are in the soil of our country, which should not be imported from abroad and whose faith is in Indian religion culture, civilizations, and traditions.

 Later these words of Swamiji acted to shook the foundation of the English empire. Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji always fought for truth, kept doing Satyagraha. He never adopted the right and the undesirable means for their purpose. Swamiji did not leave a single point or side untouched for the reforming, uplifting and organizing the society of India.

 At this time, the Renaissance occurred in the country. The youth who were fighting for hundreds of years were questioned for how long they will fight for others! Either for this king or for that king, either for his caste or to protect the oars?

 Wake up! For the sake of the unity of the nation, principles of religion, and for the creation of a nation- He encouraged the building of modern India. The English government was badly shaken by the ideologies of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. To get rid of Swamiji, various conspiracies were started to begin. For which the support of hypocrites cannot be denied who were looting this country in the name of religion.

This pioneer of Hindu religious reforms- Dayanand Saraswati, established Arya Samaj in Mumbai in April 1875. To spread the Vedas, he visited the whole country and explained to the Pandits and scholars about the importance of the Vedas.

       Swami Ji initiated the purification movement-‘Shudhi’ by encouraging people to become Hindus who had been converted to Islam against their wishes. The establishment of Vedic colleges was restarted. Hindu society got a new consciousness and started getting rid of many ill virtues.

 Swami Ji showed the path of monotheism. They opposed racism and child marriage and also encouraged women’s education and widow remarriage. He said that any non-Hindus can be taken in Hindu religion, due to which the conversion of Hindus was stopped at that time. He wrote-‘Satyarth Prakash’, a book to show the right path to this society. He devoted his youth, his entire life for serving this country and society.

 Could the sacrifices of Swamiji be forgotten? No! He wholeheartedly worked for the people through his teachings, articles, writeups and presenting his respected, ideal and noble character in front of them. His efforts for society had indeed made the work of future political leaders easy and simple. Undoubtedly, Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji is the real creator of Indian society and nation.

Vinay Arya (Maha Mantri) Arya Samaj

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