The fact behind the Sabarimala temple dispute- faith or conspiracy?

The morning of 2nd January was cold like every winter day, but suddenly the atmosphere was warmed when the news came that two women under the age of 50 created the history amid a huge protest in Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The two women named Bindu and Kanakdurga started climbing the steps of the temple on the midnight and get the glimpse of God in the wee hours. After this, the temple has been closed for the next two days in view of the increasingly violent protests.

For a long time, the Sabarimala temple dispute remains the headlines of the country. In which there are faiths, courts and women, on face these appear as the main subjects of the issue, but still, the involvement of politics and conspiracy can also not be ruled out. Because who are behind the running of the campaign against the temple entry? – A Muslim woman named Rehana Fatima and Rose Christian woman named Mary. What is such in this temple known for the non-entry of women, that the so-called thinkers who believe in Christian and Islamic religions are also interested to enter in this?

For this, first of all, we will have to understand the religious equilibrium of Kerela and perhaps none will be unaware that it was the most fertile land for the conversion to the Christian and Islamist people of the decade of the seventies. In the land of conversion, the Sabarimala temple stands the biggest obstacle. Therefore, consider this matter as such that the idea behind entering the temple is not religious, but rather to break the centuries-old religious belief tradition of the people here. For this reason, work is being done to hurt the faith of the local people by repeatedly by taking new spectacles. The reason Sabarimala is one of the temples where there is no caste discrimination. The tradition of this temple is unique and different, here during the visit, the devotees pray and make a group. A Dalit can also do this prayer and if there is a Brahmin in that group, he will also touch the feet of Dalit. The result of this casteless system is that there is an unshakable faith among the Dalits and the tribals of the area for the temple and that faith remains as a thorn in the path of the followers of conversion.

It is said that when someone takes ‘Dhiksha’ here, he will be called as Swami. That is, if a rickshaw driver gets ‘Dhiksha’, it will be a sin to call him a rickshaw-wala, instead he will be called Swami. This tradition took the form of a social revolution in a way. Millions of working people and weaker sections of the weaker sections took ‘Dhiksha’ in the temple and they were called Swami.

This was the belief. Now the conspiracy is that the Muslim women are standing in the queue outside the temple, those who are not even allowed to go to the mosque since the early Islamic period have been demanding the right to go to the temple. Because they know that the temple authorities will not allow it, and this message will easily go to all places that there is no power in God Ayyappa and he has now become defiled. If these old traditions of Sabarimala could be broken, the Islam missionaries who are into the converted process would be able to do their preaching work easily. For this reason, in this case, politics and a conspiracy cannot be ruled outrightly because the journalist by profession Kavita Junkkal, Muslim thinker Rehana Fatima, and Mary Sweety, if really are going to talk about women’s rights, why not yet they have knocked the door of a mosque for the Muslim women?

This is not a new conspiracy, it is said that in the 80s, in 1980, Christian missionaries had buried a cross in the courtyard of Sabarimala temple. Then they divided the paras in the area and claimed that it was the cross of 2000 years old St. Thomas, so a church should be built here. Not only that, but the belief of the Sabarimala temple is also that those who worship the entire law in the temple are seen on the day of Makar Sankranti, and there is a huge gathering of devotees on this day. In view of this, the workers harvesting the conversions have begun to organize fake ‘Chandra Darshan’ programs on the same day in Makar Sankranti even in the church around the Sabarimala temple.

Despite the order of the Supreme Court today, it appears to be retained as a big issue because it is understood that what is in the root of this whole dispute. Therefore, people often want to keep this issue boiling and keep warm. The Sabarimala temple dispute is not limited only to the temple and the women rather its scope spreads to politics and conspiracy, people who want to argue with faith on the TV in this matter today, they have to understand that on a few nature of faith no argument works, because if on any single day there occurs a debate on television, perhaps Islam and Christian intellectuals would not be able to face a single argument.

However also, I do not agree with this statement of the priests of Sabarimala temple that the women between the age of 10 and 50 years are unholy because if a person cannot be impure by doing hundred of offenses and can be allowed to go to the temple then how can a girl be impure just due to the only menstruation she goes through? The priests of the temple should change their arguments. Yes, if women are not willing to visit the temple themselves, and despite the Supreme Court’s decision, they don’t want to go it is also wrong to put pressure on them in any respect.

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