The incompetency saga

The day since government of India abides by the Supreme Court ruling of banning porn sites, a group of modern thinkers are running propaganda to prove that Government has done one of the biggest crimes in the history of mankind.

Writing in TOI Mr. Gurucharan Das is trying to counter the statement issued by the Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad that banning porn appealed to India’s culture and tradition. Mr. Das considers India’s cultural history as unique in recognizing and celebrating sexual desire. Mr. Das even quotes an example from Vedas of word Kama. He writes that “Kama is the seed of desire in the mind of the One, which gave birth to the cosmos” (Rig Veda, 10.129). Writer wants to say that early Indians understood that the Kama is the source of creation, procreation and, indeed, all action. Kama optimism reached its zenith in the classical period of Indian history, culminating in Sanskrit love poetry, the Kamasutra, and a culture of erotic sringara rasa in the courtly life of the Gupta Empire and of Harsha. The erotic temple sculptures at Khajurao and Konark logically followed.
Now we will analyze the view of Mr. Das to quench our thirst for truth. The word “Kama” does not always means sexual relations. It can be translated as “Desire” in English. Now desire can be for anything depending on person and situation. Rig Veda 10.129 is also known as “Nasidiya Sukt” means the Sukt associated with Creation of Universe. The Devta of Nasidiya Sukt is Prajapati means “Creator God”. The word Kama is mentioned in 4th mantra of this Sukt. The meaning of the word Kama in this mantra is that the God desired to create Universe for mankind to grant them the gift of Karma. Desire of God is also known as “Ikshan”. Similarly the souls in Human forms desired to do karma. The 5th mantra explains this fact in clear way. Another acronym of Kama is “Kamna”. No one will interpret word Kamna only for physical relations but a student possesses Kamna for Good marks, a household possesses Kamna for happiness, a businessman possesses Kamna for good earning. Writer will have no doubt in accepting this concept.

Writer did a blunder by considering erotic images of Kamasutra, Khajurao and Konark (3K’s) as zenith of Kama. It’s not zenith but nadir of understanding. I will like to clarify that Khajurao and Kamasutra are not our country heritage and intellect. They are symbol of downfall. Post Mahabharata war, the message of Vedas was stumbled. Man-made sects appeared. Vam-marga was one of them. This sect believed in uninhibited and unrestrained relationship. This nudity and depravity are result of same wrong beliefs. The erotic images of 3K’s are remnant of declined intellect and cogitation. Those who induced such ideas were not enlightened but ignorant folk.

Writer considers monogamy as an adopted model under stressful circumstances. If you really want to learn then you have to dive deeper. You have to reach the perfect and the purest, the Vedas. Vedas duly celebrates monogamy and consider it as advance model of thought. Vedas speak of celibacy, self-control, abstinence and chastity. Vedas suggests that all women must be respected like our own mother. Vedas speak of faithfulness for your partner. Vedas present husband and wife as inseparable and non-dissociable.

Porn watchers can never ever dream of such high thinking and intellect. Porn will just pollute your mind and sway you away from the very motive of life. Indian seers did not attack Kama but they propagated its most practical and best meaning. Our ascetics did not limit Kama only for physical relation but for desire to do well, to serve mankind, to progress spiritually and ultimately for emancipation.

Giving fake excuses that porn is not associated with crime is a big hoax. Why have you forgotten that the Nirbhaya case main culprit Ram Singh was a regular porn movie watcher and alcohol addict? This made him a molester of innocent girls.  People shout against pedophilia and child rape. Why they forget that the porn movies spoil the mentality of youth leading to animal type behavior? This is the root cause of rapid rise in rape and ill conduct. Even milk feeding babies to old ill women are not spared by these demons.

Instead of promoting positive thought the educated class like yours is engaged in spreading disease. It clearly shows your incompetency in dealing with such important issues. It will be beneficial for whole mankind if this incompetency saga ends and ray of good hope shines.

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