In 1913 Shri Jeevanji Govindjee received his “Upvit Janoi” In India from Swami Omkar Satchidananda. On his return be became Chairperson of the Veda Dharma Sabha and propagated Vedic teachings to the community with much vigour. The community became proficient in the chanting of the Gayatri and other mantras and the performance of Yajnas. The succeeding generations continued to
propagate Vedic teachings and culture based on the solid foundations established.  The Port Elizbeth Mahila Mandal was established in 1942 under the guidance of Shree Ranchodji Varma Govindjee who taught the ladies the recital of various mantras and performance of hawan. In 1983 at Ajmer the honour of Arya Ratna was bestowed upon Shri Brijlal Govindjee by Swami Satyaprakash for his dedicated service to the cause of the Arya Samaj. Shri Govindjee was ordained as a Vedic priest by Pandit Nardev Vedalankar and thereafter continued attending to the religious needs (performing wedding ceremonies, yajnas and various other sanskars) of the communities in
the Eastern Cape. Today, the Sabha offers satsangs for the benefit of the community.

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