Dilemma of worship for a Hindu

Dilemma of worship for a Hindu
Dr Vivek Arya
Muslim- I worship Allah and my Holy book is Quran and I offers namaj in Mosque to worship Allah.
Christian- I worship Jesus and my Holy book is Bible and I pray in Church to worship God.
Hindu- Probably I worship God but which one. I cannot say as there are many like Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Hanumana, Devi, Ganesha and endless number of Gurus or I can think that the Hinduism is still evolving. We have developed newer Gods like Khawaja muinuddin Chisti of Ajmer, hundreds of graves of Muslims and the latest development is of Sai Baba, another Muslim Saint.

We will see who will come next?
I am unaware of any fixed way of worship. I follow many ways of worshiping God.
I like to do Idol worship.
I visits Tirth yatras.
I keep fasts sometimes.
I do visits shrine like Amaranth and the latest addition is Shirdi.

I sometimes do animal sacrifice in front of Kali Idol.

I sometimes visits graves of Muslims.

I do perform Sai Sandhya on Thursday.

Even i makes idols of my Gurus and worship them as God.
My Holy books are Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Puranas or Sai Sandhya, Sai Gita etc.

Practically Speaking i am confused mass of big Protoplasm who in reality do not know anything about Dharma. i just follows blindly what my family members, my relatives, my friends or my spouse practices on name of Religion.
My condition is most pathetic among all religions in the world. In fact I belong to a wandering group of individuals who are totally unaware of their own Religious beliefs and practices.

My opinion-
Moral- Hindus will be united, enlightened, strengthened and visionary only once they will define
How to Worship?
Whom to Worship?
and Why do we do Worship?

Vedas speaks of one God with many names like Vishnu as protector, Brahma as creator and Shiva as Destroyer. All are different name of One God based on different qualities. Vedas guides to meditate on God inside us in our soul. Vedas speaks about realization of God by achieving different stages of Yoga till Samadhi.

One thought on “Dilemma of worship for a Hindu

  1. Dear Rajeev Chaudhary
    I honour your quest for God. Really we are confused with our belief in God. How many God do we really need? By definition God must be all powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. I think concept of one God is truth. As a Hindu I do everything to get forgiveness of sin, or to get ” moksha ” but Hinduism does not give me assurance of forgiveness of sin or moksha. When we read Bible we find that Jesus has sacrifice himself for our sins. He died and rose again from dead. He gives promise ( assurance) of eternal life. He has promised to come back and take all those who will believe in Him. He has promised of eternal life with him. His power over nature, sinless life, power over death, sickness proves that His words and promise can be trusted.

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