Pandit S A Naidoo was involeved in the teaching of Hindi and started stasangs in the Avoca area. He rendered sterling service at the Aryan Benevolent Home and a plaque dedicated to his work marks the entrance of the Datyanand Gardens in Chatsworth. Pandit Durga Somaroo  was an ambitious and  energetic young man  who took a leadership role in the arrairs of the  community. He taught Hindi, scripted many Hindi plays and composed songs whioch were rendered by the children and youth of the paatshala. The India Independence Day Celebrations were celebrated in true military style precision. Dr B Rambilass hails from Avoca. He has been involved in religious and cultural activities from a very young age. He has studied Sanskrit abroad and has obtained his PhD at Meerut in India. He is often approached by the media to comment on topical matters and has given evidence as an expert witness in court cases. Dr B Rambilass has several articles and publications to his credit. He renders service in many capacities (Vedic studies, Ramayan recital, Hindi classes etc.) at the Avoca Cultural Society.Avoca Cultural Society

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