Swami Sharddhanand.

Swami Sharddhanand.

Feb-2nd 1856 to Dec.23rd 1926.


There had been many shining stars who worked for the propogation of the philosophy and principles of Arya Samaj that was founded by the great visionary Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati in 1875 and Swami Shraddhanand was one of them.


His achievements in the realm of spiritualism, social service, Vedic education, national cohesion, Shuddhi movement, to attain Swaraj and carrying the wisdom of Vedas far and wide and above all in keeping the flag of OM flying was his mission and for that he attained martyrdom.


He was rather reluctantly to join any political party because he thought that it might interfere in his Spiritual and Educational work and yet he was in the forefront leading a crowd of protesters in Delhi against the British government.


When British officer of an armed detachment under his command wanted to disperse the freedom fighters by using force of bayonets, it was he Shraddhanand Sanyasi who bared his chest and asked the soldiers to fire at him first before opening fire on the protesters. Wisdom dawned on the British officers and ordered soldiers to fall back and an ugly situation was averted. The protesting masses comprising Hindus and Muslims applauded the Arya Sanyasi.


On 4th April 1919 a large crowd of Muslims assembled in the Jama Masjid, Delhi to mourn the dead freedom fighters in police firing elsewhere in Delhi The prominent leaders came to Swami Shraddhanand to invite him to address the mourners in the mosque. The Arya Sanyasi began his address with a Ved mantra from Rigved mantra.


AUM tvam hi nah pita vaso tvam mata shatkrato babhuvith. Aghate sumnimahe.


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