Yajur Veda Parayan Maha Yajna

In 1978 Arya Pratinidhi Sabha South Africa invited his Holiness Swami Deekshanand Saraswati from Delhi to carry out a Vedic ideals propagation drive. In November, an extensive campaign was launched in the Chatsworth area up to Mariannhill from Mobeni Heights to popularise the recital of the lofty Vedic mantras. Pandit Nagessar Ramduth, who graduated as a Vedic priest in 1956, played a key role in the training of priests and under his tutelage 61 priests graduated. Panditji also rendered sterling service to the inmates of the Department  of Correctional Services at Point Road where he taught the message of the Vedas. He received a citation in recognition of rendering 39 years of service to prison inmates.

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